5 Don’ts When Selling Your Denver Home

5 Don’ts When Selling Your Denver Home

selling your denver homeEvery day, countless home buyers throughout the country make mistakes that hinder the sale of their home. They usually think they are doing things right, but can’t understand why they are not getting a single bite on their listing. If you don’t want to be one of those people stressed and miserable throughout the process, don’t make the following five mistakes when selling your Denver home.

  1. Don’t Use Poor Quality Photos for Your Listing

Using blurry, poorly lit and outdated photos will not do you any favors. They should not display a cluttered mess either. The photos should be current and clean, and it helps if they capture unique angles and natural light.

  1. Don’t Focus too Heavily on Your Competition

Looking at comparable listings and recent sales is always a good place to start when you are trying to price a home. Make sure you keep in mind though that there is not another home out there that is exactly the same or in your precise location. Not to mention the market can change in an instant.

  1. Don’t Try to Sell an Empty House

Empty rooms often feel a lot smaller than they are. Plus, they just feel empty. It is hard for a buyer to feel excited about a home that feels empty and sad. If you have already purchased another home and transferred your furniture then consider renting a few pieces or you can always sell furnished, if requested.

  1. Don’t Think You Don’t Have to Clean

A dirty home is a very big turnoff for buyers. No one wants to see a dirty bathroom or a layer of dust on the mini blinds. Deep clean your home and then spend a few minutes every day trying to keep it looking this good.

  1. Don’t Leave Out Personalized ItemsĀ 

Photographs, personalized serving trays, awards, etc. should be packed as soon as possible. It is really hard for a buyer to imagine living there if they are reminded that the home belongs to someone else everywhere they look. However, you can leave one nice family photo out, especially if your neighborhood attracts families. You won’t to imply that this is a great place to raise kids.

You rarely get a second chance with a buyer, so when selling your Denver home it is important that you avoid mistakes that could hurt a sale from the start. Don’t show a dirty or cluttered home or leave out personal items, and don’t try to base your pricing solely on the results of a comparable market analysis.

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