8 Ways to Signal Your Denver Home Isn’t Ready to Sell

8 Ways to Signal Your Denver Home Isn’t Ready to Sell

ready for saleYou have been thinking about selling and maybe you have a few days off work, so it seems like the perfect time to list your Denver home for sale. While it may be the perfect time, that does not mean you are actually ready to move forward with your plans. Below are AIM HOMES’ warning signs you are not ready to sell your Denver home.

  1. You No Longer Notice the Mail Monster – If you have a mail monster on your table, counter, or desk that continues to grow, but you don’t even notice it anymore then there is a good chance you have other clutter catastrophes happening throughout your home, too.
  1. Four Seasons of Clothes In Your Closet – If your closet is so full that you don’t even bother closing the door anymore then you are not ready. Potential buyers will look at your closets and think there is not enough room. Box up everything you don’t currently need, so your closets look bigger.
  1. Scared of the Toys – Whether your children have a playroom or the entire house is cluttered with toys, dealing with this mess takes a little pep talk. Tackling the toys is not always easy. At least get some large plastic bins and lids to hide everything in.
  1. Front Yard is Embarrassing – You have a busy schedule, so can’t help but notice your neighbors’ cast a disappointed glance in your direction while they look at your overgrown lawn, spent flowers, and unruly hedges. Curb appeal is important.
  1. You Need a Day Off to Clean – When you list your home, you need to be ready to sell at all times. This means cleaning the home from top-to-bottom and then maintaining this look.
  1. Paperwork is Unorganized – If you list your home, you will eventually need receipts for improvements and warranties for big-ticket items like the hot water heater. Gather all of the important paperwork beforehand so you are not scrambling for it when you need it.
  1. Obvious Signs of Pets – You hid the stains on the carpet with furniture and rugs, and you don’t even notice the chewed baseboards anymore; but a potential buyer will. All signs of pets need to be erased.
  1. Your Kitchen Looks its Age – If your kitchen could have wrinkles and age spots, it would. You have talked about remodeling for years, but never got around to it. Unfortunately, the kitchen is usually the hot button with most buyers. If remodeling is not in the budget, reface or paint the cabinets and upgrade the hardware and lighting. If your appliances are in rough shape, you might even want to invest in energy efficient options to be sold with the home.

You never want to list your home until you are truly ready to sell. The first two weeks on the market are when multiple agents and buyers will want to see your home. During this time it is likely that you will get a request to show it right away. Plan appropriately as you don’t want to be forced to tackle everything on this list at the last minute.

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