Create a “WOW” Denver Home Listing

Create a “WOW” Denver Home Listing

Denver Home ListingWith 90% of homebuyers turning to the Internet to begin their search for a new Denver home, it is no wonder nearly every seller creates an online home listing. There are literally millions of homes listed online, so the competition to catch potential buyers’ eyes is pretty stiff. How do you make your home listing stand out from the rest? Consider these tips from real estate experts on how to make your online Denver home listing beat out the competition.

Seek Out Professionals

Real estate agents do more than just show your Denver home; nowadays a good portion of their time is spent marketing it. They know the market better than anyone else, and they rely on their online connections to generate interest in their listings. The benefits of professional help aren’t limited to just an agent, however, as enlisting the help of a professional photographer can really elevate the quality of your Denver home listing. Online listings are dependent on their photos, so while your iPhone camera may be great for taking selfies, a professional real estate photographer will know how to capture your home in its best light.

Come Up with a Shot List

No, not the alcoholic kind. If you are using a professional photographer, it’s extremely important you meet with them beforehand and provide them with a list of your homes special features so they can come up with a plan on how to capture them best. While a professional photographer will have a general idea of what to include in their shoot, they don’t know the features that are unique to your home, so be sure to fill them in on what they should highlight.

Stage Your Home

The power of your online photographs is reliant on more than just how well you declutter your home and whether or not you have it professionally cleaned. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in your home and see all the possibilities of a space. Hiring a professional stager can help make adjustments to your homes interior as well as provide you with recommendations on how to improve its look. Having a professional look at your Denver home can offer a perspective that knows which small changes can have a big impact.

Be Multi-Dimensional

Nowadays, many potential Denver buyers will rely solely on virtual tours, videos and 3-D floor plans when deciding whether to purchase a home. You’ll definitely want to hire a professional videographer to shoot and compile videos of your Denver home because if the quality of a video isn’t perfect, it may actually work against you.

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