Fall Decor Trends for 2016

Fall Decor Trends for 2016

Get your insight on the latest home decor trends right here.  Read on about one of the main trends manufactures are following this season below.

Take a look through the fall decor catalogs or browse the aisles of furnishings stores and you’ll see recurring themes…

Matte Finishes.

“Matte is having a moment right now,” says Donna Garlough, Joss & Main’s style director. “Especially in white, black, chalky grays and pastels. It works because accents and lighting in a matte finish pair so naturally with some of the furniture trends we’re seeing.”

The velvety, non-glossy sheens offset the natural walnut tones and satiny surface of midcentury wood furniture. And they offer a dramatic contrast to glam elements like burnished and polished metals, clear acrylic, and high- and medium-nap textiles.

Marble Accents

Small touches of this luxurious stone in the form of planters, clocks, coasters, candleholders and other decor items are being used to imbue sophistication and class.

Gray Hardwood Flooring

Offering an almost whitewashed appearance, gray hardwood flooring is unexpected as a floor color but it too adds sophistication and class to any space.

Farmhouse Kitchens

A blend of both modern and rustic, the farmhouse kitchen is inviting and simple. They can and do include high end materials and fixtures but tend toward a minimalistic design and simple hues.




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