Get to Know a New Denver Home Before You Buy

Get to Know a New Denver Home Before You Buy

new denver homeIf you think you’ve found your dream home, or think you’re ready to put a down payment on the perfect apartment, you’ll want to make sure you check every aspect to ensure it isn’t too good to be true. You may feel overwhelmed with all the information the seller’s agent has filled you with – but make sure you read in between the lines. You’ll want to do some digging on your own to find any of the potential pitfalls in your new Denver home before you pay the price.

Do Some Drive-bys

It’s a realtor’s job to make sure a home looks its best at all showings and open-houses. But much like catching a celebrity in a no-makeup moment, you’ll want to see your new Denver home in all its light. Whether you are looking at a home or apartment, unless you are the only one on your street, you’ll want to know what your neighbors like to do. Make sure you check out your potential new home at various times throughout the night, on the weekends and during the weeknights. If you sense the neighbors may be rowdy or have an obnoxious dog, it’s worth checking in with the sellers or their agent, to see if and how this problem has been remedied in the past. You’ll be able to check out the minor things as well, such as where street lights shine or how the sun rises and sets.

Find the Nosey Neighbor

You’ll want to find out what the neighborhood, neighbors and community are like. It’s definitely worthwhile to visit the neighborhood a few times to walk around it. The best way to learn things are by meeting people and asking them questions. If the neighborhood has a community club house, pool or entrance gate, check in with the security or management in charge of them. If the community has any upcoming meetings, or HOA events, you may want to swing by and see what you’re in for.

Stalk Some Social Media

You can find a wealth of information by checking out some social media sources. It’s very common for neighborhoods, communities – even streets – to make their own Facebook Pages. Try searching for terms on Facebook like the neighborhood name, town name, local school, community pool, or management company. Often you will find the company or related fan pages, which can contain valuable links, reviews and a list of followers. Clicking through some of pages local to your potential home can give you an idea about what goes on near it, and who you’ll run into. is another website gaining popularity, it’s a social network for neighbors and communities and worth signing up for while you navigate the home search process. Another great resource for reviews and information is, and for information on nearby homes check out sites like and

Any details or gossip you’ll want to know about a potential new Denver home you won’t find out by asking an agent or the seller. Make sure you do your homework before you buy, because finding some of these flaws could mean possible bargaining power for you come time for the close. If you are unfamiliar with an area, it’s especially important to know what you’re buying into – and whether the community is on its way up or out.

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