Neighborhood Spotlight: Mayfair

Neighborhood Spotlight: Mayfair

We have an up-coming listing on 926 Hudson St, which is projected to hit the market in 5-6 weeks! Below is a snapshot of the Mayfair/Hale neighborhood!

Boundaries: Mayfair, known as the Hale neighborhood on google maps, is located South of Colfax and North of 6th Avenue from Colorado to Holly St. Mayfair neighbors Montclair,


The Low Down: The neighborhood is far away enough, 3 miles to be exact, from downtown to feel more like suburbia than a city. Gentrification is visible in this neighborhood, land is constantly being bought and sold. As a result, the neighborhood will soon be filled with newly built or restored residential, office, and retail spaces. It’s a great location for professionals, students, and medical workers as Rose Medical Center is located in the center of the neighborhood on Hale Parkway.


Grub: The stretch of East Colfax just north of the neighborhood has seen quite a transformation in recent years as more local businesses have moved in to serve the younger members of the community who typically want to be out and about and eat at local establishments such as coffee shops and urban eateries – including an unusually high concentration of mouthwatering, Mom-and-Pop Ethiopian restaurants, Mataam Fez and Axium. There are some up-and-coming hipster bar/coffee shop such as Bellwether, which serves whiskey on tap and has a barber shop in the back. This café also sells memberships that give access to discount coffee and 24/7 happy hour prices, as well as access to co-working spaces, Wi-Fi, and printer access. Bellwether is a true one stop shop!

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