Stadium Pricing

Stadium Pricing

A recent study by shows that fans will pay substantially more to live near their favorite sports team, which means home owners who live near a sports stadium often can command a premium for their properties.



The study ranked U.S. cities with at least one major league team within two miles of a home, then they compared how much more it costs to live near a stadium compared to the median price of the metro area. The following cities topped its list:

1. Boston, Mass.

  • Median home prices near stadiums: $639,500 to $1.24 million
  • Median metro price: $479,900

2. New York, N.Y.

  • Median home prices near stadiums: $165,000 to $1.85M
  • Median metro price: $425,000

3. Seattle, Wash.

  • Median home price near stadiums: $699,000
  • Median metro price: $432,500


Denver Wasn’t listed in the article, however doing a quick search of our own determined that the median price of homes near the Denver Broncos’ Mile High stadium averaged $550,000 in Sloan’s lake, and $431,100 in the Jefferson park neighborhood. These average out to just under $500,000 which is much higher than the current Denver metro average of $355,000.  The neighborhoods surrounding mile high are currently a mix of older original homes and newer duplexes, 4-plexes and other multi-family homes.

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